Ambassador has been a positive influence in both our local and international community.  We spend hundreds of hours every year giving back to our community with our language service and transportation business resources. Our partnership with medical providers has opened doors for us to use our company's skills and resources to make a local and international impact, by investing in free medical, dental, and vision clinics that give health care to our neighbors here and around the world. Every year Ambassador supports local nonprofits, like Duke's Angels Among Us which is dedicated to fighting Brain Cancer.  The international and local communities are closely tied to our hearts, for over the past 26 years we have been privileged and honored to serve them both.

Happy Clients

"We thought we could save some money by using another service provider that promised the same services that Ambassador provided. Much to our surprise, we found it was more cost effective to work with Ambassador Service Group.” 


"I was sick of the excuses for missed appointments and unprofessional service so I called Ambassador Service Group. They did what they said they were going to do! After the first call my life got easier.”

— Medical Case Manager

"Our client suffered enough trauma getting hurt on the job. He sure didn’t need to worry about getting to his appointments. Thanks for making his trips to the doctor less stressful and more productive.” 


"Ambassador Service Group solved our communication problems. They showed our employees that we care. Employee turnover is down, morale and profits are up.” -- Human Resource Manager


Happy Employees

Ambassador has been a huge gift to me and my family. Working for this company is not only enjoyable, but I feel like family. I couldn't ask for better office culture.

—GABRIELA- Customer Service Representative

Ambassador has been such a huge part of my life. I have worked as the office manager for many years and the company's growth has been a place of true joy for me personally. I treat this company like it was my own and everyday I look forward to seeing it grow. 

—JEANNETTE- Operation Manager

I have been an interpreter for Ambassador for several years and their commitment to amazing service and quality care has made me proud to be a part of their team.  Case managers know us because of the valued services we bring to the table.