Lucia Wilberding, CEO

Hello there, thank you for taking the time to read about our company. I am so amazed at how we have grown and developed in the past 25 years. We have been proud to provide our services across the United States and we are constantly expanding. 

Our ultimate hope is to affect positive change in the lives of our clients. This heart for serving others has lead us to spending several weeks throughout the year abroad, using our interpretation service. As the CEO I have been proud to work along side doctors bringing free healthcare to underdeveloped parts of the world.  Even some of our staff members have given up a week of work to come work along side us. I am truly honored to work along side such people. 

We hope that whenever you call us or email back and for that you experience warmth and joy. We are happy to be a part of your work day and we look forward to serving you. 


Our in House Staff